"We got the gallery!! Wow just wow! They've even surpassed our expectations! We ended up with the best photographer out there. Really feel like it was meant to be. Thank you so so much again."

- Charlotte & Huw

Charlotte & Huw, RSA House, THE VIBE... Where to even begin!!

Firstly, this was a pretty last minute appointment after their booked photographer fell ill but fate sometimes shows itself in the most peculiar way. This turned out to be one of the best days of the year as everything fell into place. Charlotte, Huw and all of their guests were the loveliest and liveliest of people. RSA House was the perfect setting and the overall vibe was entirely wholesome.

Bridal Prep

Based in London but understanding the need for space during bridal prep, Char and the girls made their way to an Airbnb based in Wimbledon. This is such an amazing tip for couples on their wedding day, so definitely take note! They picked a beautiful victorian terrace with large rooms, high ceilings and a small garden, providing a perfect spot for them to get ready. Finding the perfect prep location is important as it sets the ground for the rest of your day. Big open spaces will create a relaxed environment whereas something small can create unrest. It's such a small detail, but one to consider. The images certainly reflect just how right Charlotte got this!

Greeting the team with a camera is always such a go-to for me! It settles the nerves and breaks those barriers down super quickly: getting the team relaxed early is key. Bridal prep with a vibe is my favourite and they absolutely nailed the brief! Energy was high as the time drew in towards our taxis arriving. With the dress shot, makeup and hair all done, it was time for Char to get into her Jesus Peiro dress supplied by Lulu Brown Boutique. Take a moment because "WOW"! How beautiful did Charlotte look in that dress - officially a match made in heaven!

It surprises most couples to think about but bridal prep is likely the longest part of the day! This is why I typically turn up two and a half hours before the ceremony. On this occasion, it was slightly earlier because we had a long taxi ride in our White Cabs to central London (the home of RSA), which is where we would stay for ceremony, reception, wedding breakfast and the evening!

RSA House

Located in central London, RSA House is a photographers dream. Epic rooms, grandeur, beautiful light and so many different and interesting locations. RSA stands for Royal Society of Arts and has been supporting world leading innovations since 1754. It also makes for one of the best wedding venues in London! Fun fact: it was actually where the first working demonstration of the phone was held. Which is an interesting link for couples who met online!

Once we touched down at RSA House, we entered through the side entrance ensuring no guests or the groom would spot Charlotte before the ceremony. With plenty of time to spare, we enjoyed a little photoshoot in the iconic hallway before heading up to the main suite for final touch-ups where those nerves naturally increase and special moments happen.

Ceremony Onwards...

The ceremony was a beautiful one. With emotional vows, big smiles and so many happy onlookers, it was simply perfect!

Confetti broke loose next, this is always an interesting challenge when photographing a wedding in London. Space is limited but the buildings and backdrops are epic. This was exactly that, so I made the decision to stop traffic temporarily while we hyped up the energy to welcome the newly married couple! Boy did we smash it. Look at those results!!!

Char & Huw spaced timings out so nicely. It's so important to allow time to chill with friends and family after the confetti has been thrown and group shots have been taken, they did just that. The weather was on point this day too, so we made the most of the outside space. We used the streets for a bridesmaid shoot filled with attitude and fun followed by taking Charlotte and Huw for a walk.

Couple shots are so important and I dislike anything overly staged. I really see this as a point in time to have fun, let the natural energy flow, and importantly allow the couple to have breathing space to reflect and focus on each other! As we went exploring some of the surrounding London streets, we used impromptu locations: blending wedding and street photography to create some beautiful, natural and editorial shots.

From outside to in... When you have a venue with so much history and amazing architecture, it would be rude not to explore during the couple shoot. The iconic staircase and great room, just to name a couple! Featuring the most incredible artwork, seeing Char and Huw set eyes on the Great Room for the first time was genuinely so special.

Speeches were excellent with a special shout out to Mother of the bride's touching speech and an expertly written poem from Mother of the groom! Post speeches, there was time for one final five minute shoot in the basement of RSA before the party started. Vouge was the mindset as we used the domed ceilings and retro furniture to create some pretty unique imagery. But, from that moment forward, it was PARTY TIME! You will have to take a peek at those snaps below for a glimpse of the fun times.


Venue: RSA House - London (https://www.thersa.org/rsa-house)

Dress: Jesus Peiro (https://www.jesuspeiro.com/en)

Boutique: Lulu Brown (https://www.lulu-browns.com/)

Makeup Artist: The Makeup Lab (https://www.instagram.com/themakeuplabb)

Hair: Chloe Cooper Hair (https://www.instagram.com/chloecooperhair/)

Flowers: Wrapped Flowers (https://www.wrappedflowers.co.uk/)

DJ: Mister Speaker Sounds (https://www.misterspeaker.co.uk/)