Hey gang, welcome to the first blog of the new site!

I wanted to kick this one off with one of my favourite weddings of the year. Ben and Alice had one hell of a day at their home wedding in Taunton. Every now and then you shoot a wedding which can be described as organic... By this I don't mean the wedding breakfast, I actually mean the feeling to the whole day: from people through to venue! It also just so happens, they are animal lovers with dogs, a cat and chickens!

The day started at Alice and Ben's beautiful home as the bridal team prepared for the day ahead. Once ready and having had some fun, we made our way to St Andrew's Church based in the picturesque location of Taunton, Somerset. In some style I must say... Check out that old school Land Rover.

Not only was this day blessed with an amazing crowd of people, we had the weather to match it too. When working, I'm all about making the most of the opportunities presented - this meant us taking a walk through the back garden, over a rather sketchy little wooden walkway into a rather spectacular corn field when the light hit right. It was in fact so good, we made two trips... The pictures which resulted were really quite something.

Finally the party. Biggest party of the year without a doubt! See if you can find a tie mid air!!!

Anyways, have a peek!


Makeup: @nicolaredman.makeup / nicolaredmanmakeup.com

Hair: Jodie McKie - @hairbyjodiemckie

Video: Harry Kenny-Herbert - @harrykh_ / harrykh.com

Flowers - Super Aunt!